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11-06-2024 URGENT - NEW Introductory TALK for: 'The Parallel Non-Monetary (Eco)nomic Revolution of the 100%'

25-05-24  'MORE!!!!?' - International Times article in response to 2024 UK general election (press Articles & scroll)
THIS IS WHERE IT BEGINS: Workshop Announcement. (press Workshop PNME 100%)


Neoliberal economics has not only brought humankind and other species to real and potential extinction; it has also brought us within a hair's-breadth of an IMMEDIATELY IMPLEMENTABLE NON-MONETARY ECONOMY that will relieve people of dependency upon money.

This economy is nothing new. Parallel non-monetary economies are dotted across the globe, some of them national and international in scale. Yet, a suitable way to join those dots to form a credible option to the monetary market has been elusive. Until now.

Frenetic efforts to expand on Post-Capitalism; Anti-capitalist movements; New Economic Methods calling for a corporate moral imperative; Populist replacement of political regimes; escalating Protectionism and localization; De-growth myths; threats from a Fourth Industrial Revolution; expanding appeals from global Eco-campaign networks and petitioning for participatory democracy - all compound the sense of urgency, hopelessness and fear.

Revised Edition

during Covid-19 pandemic June 2020

"Compelling" Kristina Abbotts, Chief Editor Routledge NY

Or have we missed a trick? Using existing processes, organizations and technology, every person living can have the inalienable right to earn for any work they choose to undertake; to revolutionize global trade without dependency upon money or corporate and political will; transforming not only employment relations, but international ones, turning even MONETARY CAPITALISM SOLVENT as a bi-product and generating the Fifth Industrial (Eco) Revolution.

This is ONLY available by forming the PARALLEL NON-MONETARY ECONOMY of the 99%

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Section 1

The Pathologised Planet

Overturning our pathological dependency upon money

01  - Countdown - contrast of political aims with cost of living for most.

02 - Money, What a Waste - what money amounts to in real terms.

03 - Becoming Somebody - hierarchy, status, individuality, facade, post-truth, self-esteem.

04 - Automatons - capitalist minimizing of market engagement; resolving labour conflict.

05 - The Fifth Industrial Revolution - what non-monetary economy would empower.

06 - Parallel Realities - reality v ideology; realities beyond money & capitalism; real PNME.

07  - Careful What You Wish For - freedom responsibilities, chaos fear, strength v weakness.

08 - Who Is a Nobody? - value of autonomy & empowering people indiscriminately.

09 - Nine Tenths of the Law -possession / dispossession / non-possession; work or cheat?


A Chance For Everyone : The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy


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