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The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy of the 99%

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with Farid A Khavari - 'Towards a zero-cost economy.' -

Is it possible to bypass the taxation obstacle? Is there a danger in academic elitism?

with Andrea Granger - 'In defense of de-growth.' -

What's the issue with a socialist economy? How do we go about forming the PNME? Will people's jobs change? Can they spend their earnings in all outlets? Will it afford a Universal Basic Income? Who provides this income? Who controls it? What is its value? How will it affect prices, choice, monopolies and quality? How different is it to money? How could the PNME re-incentivize the oil industry?



Articles - Q&A:

Articles in International Times


(from Sustainability On Sea Festival  - Hastings 2019)



1 - 'Diversion'

How Capitalism diverts individual, social & political agendas; is there a diversion the 99% can use to counter and overwhelm this?

2 - 'The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy'

Monetary capitalism is already predominantly non-monetary, yet it is by no means the largest. Existing parallel non-monetary economies; how to create exchange value; radicalise capitalist incentives and the missed trick.

3 - 'Momentum For Change'

Social, political and economic unrest; expansion and undermining of NGOs, charities, aid and refugee crisis support, extent of global voluntary work; not-for-profits, cooperatives, circular economies, the virtual and physical commons; conservation, sustainability, Eco-campaign networks & initiatives and NEMs. How to form a cohesive collective movement to form the PNME.

4 - Q&A - 'Climate Crisis Greatest Threat'

What is the greatest threat to addressing climate crisis in time? How can the PNME of the 99% accelerate it? Is it possible to de-couple economic growth from environmental damage? Does this mean EXPANDING CAPITALISM? Is de-growth necessary? Does it mean localizing, de-globalizing? Will capitalists oppose / exploit / control the PNME? What form does it take and how long will it take to implement?



1 - 'Covid Capitalism Or Corvée?' (04-04-20)

During the Covid 19 outbreak, the resultant lockdown and effect to industry, health and social services, tax-payers are the ones being asked to bail out big business. Is there a better option that does not place the economy at risk and land everyday people with long term individual or national debt? Could governments set us back or could an adapted form of Corvée lead to the Parallel Non-Monetary Economy of the 99%? 




2a - 'Post Covid:  Fears' (16-05-20)

The post-Covid economy - what will it look like and what will it call upon from us?

2 b- 'Post Covid:  Dreams' (23-05-20)

The threat to the economy and to life after lock-down is economically imposed by comfortable people who are less threatened and have every advantage. They wish to project that they are benefactors of society, rather than betrayers of humanity. As long as we continue to swallow this lie and bolster their protection of wealth, we will always be made to carry the burden with little choice in the matter. This is a choice of will, not necessity. So, how can the 99% choose a process that empowers them without regurgitating the violent conflicts we have seen across the entire globe and reverse the economic crisis? Economic inclusion is not a dream, it is simply a process requiring trust in something proven to be ECONOMICALLY viable and far more reliable than money.

2c - 'Post Covid:  Choices' (30-05-20)

Despite the evident failure of Global Economics and neoliberal economic policy, why are we being forced into greater economic hardship? Is there really NO other choice? We do not have to believe the institutionalised automatons that groom the public into dependency upon the multi-billion $ 'trickle-down' corporations. So, what process places economic power back into the hands of all people, so they can start to enjoy fulfilling rewarding lives NO LONGER DICTATED BY MONEY? Will we seize the realistic choice open to us now, before it escapes us?

3 - 'Covid-capitalism: A Case For High Street Resurgence (25-07-20)

With a new cold war of epic proportions brewing, current trends in mercantilism offer an opportunity for governments to plug the tax drain. How can a high street resurgence enable all communities to alter their feuding economic foreign policies?

4 - 'Covid  '21 - Clean Sweep or Catastrophe?' (16-01-21)

Has Covid-19 caused the economic hardships we see, or commercial & political exploitation?

National protectionist policies are incapable of addressing the global pandemic and climate issues. So, what is? What could it be and who decides? WHAT OPPORTUNITY DOES 2021 AFFORD US? Is it time for a clean sweep, or unavoidable catastrophe?


1 - 'State of the Enemy' (26-09-20)

Trumpism is nothing new. It did not originate with him. He and other right-wing supremacists are simply copycats. Social disintegration has happened in more countries across the globe this century than any other. The practical impact is a global trend in civil conflict. It is pitched as 'PROTECTIONISM of national interests' but is an age-old FISCAL tactic to MAINTAIN THE MULTI-NATIONAL ELITE, whilst pick-pocketing and blaming society in general - making STATE the enemy of the people.


1 - 'The Cost of Everything and the Value of Nothing' (24-10-20)

Since Neoliberalism has negated the role of labour in the cost of producing profit - Is it possible to revert or invert that process? What could possibly replace the necessity for money, with almost immediate effect? Would this mean the end of monetary commerce?


2 - 'A New Labour Theory of Value' (31-10-20)

How can Marx LTOV lead us to a new kind of capitalist 'value' system that revolutionises capitalism and its means of control? How will the Parallel Non-Monetary Economy invert neoliberalism? What 'value' will the PNME currency have and what form will it take? Who can bring this about rapidly?




Edited presentations of above articles from International Times; (displaying older book cover; some quotes from the book are included).



How do we rapidly address climate emergency without waiting for corporate and political will?

01/2 - Elephants in the room

How do we bypass the controlling powers of the global economy?

02/2 - Parallel Realities & the missed trick

Ignored / undervalued realities neoliberalism has necessitated. Creating non-deductive labour.

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Earthxit 1 live - 01 Diversion, Elephant
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Earthxit 1 live - 02 Diversion, Parallel
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AVOIDING EARTHXIT 2 : The PNME 5th Industrial Revolution; Radicalizing Incentives

01/3  Tricks of the Trade

Tricks used by capitalists are counter-productive, restricting markets to manage the 1%. Can these tricks be used for BOTH parties' mutual advantage?

02/3 - Fork In The Road

Abolishing the discrepancies between the 1% and 99% does not mean loss.Only the PNME will enable rapid growth green industry and unimaginable profit.

03/3 - Two-step Revolution

Revolutionizing relationships between employer / employee & corporations / government. Carrots for capitalists offered only by the PNME of the 99%.

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Earthxit 2 live - 01 The PNME Radicalisi
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Earthxit 2 live - 03 The PNME, two step
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AVOIDING EARTHXIT 3 : Momentum For Change

Earthxit 3 live - 01 Momentum For Change
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Earthxit 3 live - 02 Momentum For Change
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