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The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy of the 99%

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Discussions with eminent Iranian/US economist; Farid A Khavari (author - 'Towards a Zero-cost Economy')
1 - How to stimulate an economy at zero interest rate & make profit without causing inflation. 
2 - How the economy lost touch with human life.

with Andrea Granger - 'In defense of de-growth.' -
What's the issue with a socialist economy? How do we go about forming the PNME? Will people's jobs change? Can they spend their earnings in all outlets? Will it afford a Universal Basic Income? Who provides this income? Who controls it? What is its value? How will it affect prices, choice, monopolies and quality? How different is it to money? How could the PNME re-incentivize the oil industry?

Articles - Q&A

Articles - Q&A:

Articles in International Times

(from Sustainability On Sea Festival  - Hastings 2019)



1 - 'Diversion'

How Capitalism diverts individual, social & political agendas; is there a diversion the 99% can use to counter and overwhelm this?

2 - 'The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy'

Monetary capitalism is already predominantly non-monetary, yet it is by no means the largest. Existing parallel non-monetary economies; how to create exchange value; radicalise capitalist incentives and the missed trick.

3 - 'Momentum For Change'

Social, political and economic unrest; expansion and undermining of NGOs, charities, aid and refugee crisis support, extent of global voluntary work; not-for-profits, cooperatives, circular economies, the virtual and physical commons; conservation, sustainability, Eco-campaign networks & initiatives and NEMs. How to form a cohesive collective movement to form the PNME.

4 - Q&A - 'Climate Crisis Greatest Threat'

What is the greatest threat to addressing climate crisis in time? How can the PNME of the 99% accelerate it? Is it possible to de-couple economic growth from environmental damage? Does this mean EXPANDING CAPITALISM? Is de-growth necessary? Does it mean localizing, de-globalizing? Will capitalists oppose / exploit / control the PNME? What form does it take and how long will it take to implement?



1 - 'Covid Capitalism Or Corvée?' (04-04-20)

During the Covid 19 outbreak, the resultant lockdown and effect to industry, health and social services, tax-payers are the ones being asked to bail out big business. Is there a better option that does not place the economy at risk and land everyday people with long term individual or national debt? Could governments set us back or could an adapted form of Corvée lead to the Parallel Non-Monetary Economy of the 99%? 


2 - 'Post-Covid - Fears, Dreams and Choices'


2a - 'Post Covid:  Fears' (16-05-20)

The post-Covid economy - what will it look like and what will it call upon from us?

2 b- 'Post Covid:  Dreams' (23-05-20)

The threat to the economy and to life after lock-down is economically imposed by comfortable people who are less threatened and have every advantage. They wish to project that they are benefactors of society, rather than betrayers of humanity. As long as we continue to swallow this lie and bolster their protection of wealth, we will always be made to carry the burden with little choice in the matter. This is a choice of will, not necessity. So, how can the 99% choose a process that empowers them without regurgitating the violent conflicts we have seen across the entire globe and reverse the economic crisis? Economic inclusion is not a dream, it is simply a process requiring trust in something proven to be ECONOMICALLY viable and far more reliable than money.

2c - 'Post Covid:  Choices' (30-05-20)

Despite the evident failure of Global Economics and neoliberal economic policy, why are we being forced into greater economic hardship? Is there really NO other choice? We do not have to believe the institutionalised automatons that groom the public into dependency upon the multi-billion $ 'trickle-down' corporations. So, what process places economic power back into the hands of all people, so they can start to enjoy fulfilling rewarding lives NO LONGER DICTATED BY MONEY? Will we seize the realistic choice open to us now, before it escapes us?

3 - 'Covid-capitalism: A Case For High Street Resurgence (25-07-20)

With a new cold war of epic proportions brewing, current trends in mercantilism offer an opportunity for governments to plug the tax drain. How can a high street resurgence enable all communities to alter their feuding economic foreign policies?

4 - 'Covid  '21 - Clean Sweep or Catastrophe?' (16-01-21)

Has Covid-19 caused the economic hardships we see, or commercial & political exploitation?

National protectionist policies are incapable of addressing the global pandemic and climate issues. So, what is? What could it be and who decides? WHAT OPPORTUNITY DOES 2021 AFFORD US? Is it time for a clean sweep, or unavoidable catastrophe?


1 - 'State of the Enemy' (26-09-20)

Trumpism is nothing new. It did not originate with him. He and other right-wing supremacists are simply copycats. Social disintegration has happened in more countries across the globe this century than any other. The practical impact is a global trend in civil conflict. It is pitched as 'PROTECTIONISM of national interests' but is an age-old FISCAL tactic to MAINTAIN THE MULTI-NATIONAL ELITE, whilst pick-pocketing and blaming society in general - making STATE the enemy of the people.


1 - 'The Cost of Everything and the Value of Nothing' (24-10-20)

Since Neoliberalism has negated the role of labour in the cost of producing profit - Is it possible to revert or invert that process? What could possibly replace the necessity for money, with almost immediate effect? Would this mean the end of monetary commerce?


2 - 'A New Labour Theory of Value' (31-10-20)

How can Marx Labour Theory Of Value lead us to a new kind of capitalist 'value' system that revolutionises capitalism and its means of control? How will the Parallel Non-Monetary Economy invert neoliberalism? What 'value' will the PNME currency have and what form will it take? Who can bring this about rapidly.


'Turning Costs To Earnings: the Non=Monetary Accounting System ' (08-08-21)

ILLUSTRATED SUPPLEMENT to 'A Chance For Everyone: The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy' - (PNME).

pages 1-5, How the PNME is created; Formative step; Generating income; Measuring the       

                   PNME unit; What is exchanged? 



                   MICRO & MACRO economies



page 9 -     ILLUSTRATION 4 - the PNME MECHANISM affecting the monetary economy

page 10 -   Conclusion


'The parallel Non-Monetary Economy: Past, Present & Future' (19-02-22)

Supplement 2 to 'A Chance For Everyone: The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy' - (PNME)

The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy has always existed since people started exchanging goods and services. What constituted the PNME in the past and how is it materialised in the present? This includes not only unpaid labour, but many processes WITHIN the monetary economy that result in a non-return or loss / waste for the general public efforts and costs expended. This article enumerates some of them, comparing them with how the NEW / FUTURE PARALLEL NON-MONETARY ACCOUNTING SYSTEM CONVERTS THESE ACTIONS INTO INCOME. (For the mechanism for turning costs to income, please see article above). 



'Economic Stockholm Syndrome' (18-02-23)

All the morally responsible people shouting from the rooftops and laudable initiatives like the ‘Blue Economy’ or ‘Green New Deal’ do not seem to alter the status quo anywhere near as rapid or as impactful as we need. But there is something NEW we have overlooked since it came into being around the end of the last century. Not something already tried in the past and failed.  Something entirely new that has NEVER EXISTED, now made possible by well-developed tried and tested methods and practices. An alternative that immediately frees people of the abuses of the monetary system but goes further, to rectify the effects of that abuse. So WHY have we not jumped at it?

'(YAWN) We NEED to Talk About Marx' (01-04-23)

Neoliberalism and financialization were the tools that hammered the last nail in Marx' Labour Theory of Value - so WHY TALK ABOUT MARX? Since the global economy is a game of Hungry Hippos between the elite 1%, more people want an end to the machine that feeds them, but no-one has offered a suitably rapid replacement. Every compelling ecological, political and economic proposal has fallen on deaf ears, leaving everyone confounded as to what is now realistic.


1 - Marx' predictions regarding capitalism are more valid than ever before. 2 - he identified TWO KEY OBSTACLES to generation of indiscriminate personal prosperity. a) "abolish the material grounds for the concept of abstract labour" and b) "revolutionise the bourgeois, economically." THOSE OBSTACLES CAN NOW BE REMOVED. 3 - HIs later reflections on what would cause the fall of capitalism NOW reveals a way that CAPITALISM CAN BE APPROPRIATED TO DISSOLVE ITSELF, WHILST OFFERING CAPITALISTS PROFITS BEYOND THEIR WILDEST DREAMS to conform to green agendas and practices. How to invert neoliberalism without conflict with neoliberals offers unimaginable prospects. THIS IS A WATERSHED MOMENT FOR ALL HUMANITY - IT DESERVES A WATERSHED SOLUTION FOR THE 100%

'Forming Non-Monetary Civic State' (06-05-23 UK Coronation Day Special)

There has never been such a thirst and desperation in human history for people to understand how to take back control of our environment, future prospects and survival. In the face of such stark efforts, costing countless people the ultimate price for apparent failure, it is no wonder most are nonplussed as to what their immediate options are. With every intrusion of privacy by dictators, military and police-states, drug gangs, and western democracies – by stealth policies and privatisation of the commons; gearing up for control of people’s individual finances and renewed sovereign rule – people everywhere are disempowered. Add to this the new Cold War and national protectionism endorsing international hostility and political gamesmanship; dividing nations and citizens of those nations against each other, by gentrification and inflation policies on a grand scale; ghettoising communities; systematically dissolving public, social and health care services; reducing workers rights. These incessant crises are manufactured to groom the populace into dependency upon the most unscrupulous economic dictators as our only hope for survival.

The ever increasingly resourceful disenfranchised population, forced into this seige-mentality and more exhaustive workloads, just to function, are politically goaded to blame each other to deflect resentment from the source of this disengagement. As a result, many have risked and lost lives, family and home to find a way through the chaos. Despite trends towards increased bigotry, complete strangers continue to welcome one another into their countries and homes. Wherever travellers roam they invariably encounter people who care and are willing to share their last provisions with them, despite differences in race, nationality, beliefs and culture. It is obvious to everyone, we have the wrong people controlling our world; that everyday people everywhere need to form a mutually cooperative global society to address global issues that nationalism and money will never solve in time. And with global temperature increases being ignored, this is THE ONLY watershed opportunity for humankind. So, how rapidly can we change it? Is it necessary for us all to agree, to drop our differences and conform to some single ideological stance?


'Necronomy 1: The Neoliberal Approach to Death' (13-04-24)

The global shift from relative peace in the late 20th century to Cold War II destroys not just millions of people's and children's lives; not simply localised environments; but the global ecosystem. Neoliberalism has evolved to a new form of 'economy' NECROECONOMICS. It is a resurgent movement for global supremacy and significant land/sea-grabs to control depleting mineral and fossil-fuel resources. It uses separatist ILLEGAL strategies to disempower any public resistance. STATE IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. It threatens imminent destruction on an unprecedented global scale. This isn't just a mutation of neoliberalism; it is 'necroeconomics' - the economic policy of DEATH.


The general public are dismissed in these political and economic agendas - so WHAT IS OUR REAL POWER? This two-part article will explore in detail the issues, what controls them and what REAL prospects are open to the global general population. We have NO CHOICE - WE HAVE TO REMOVE THESE PSYCHOPATHIC LEADERS and establish a global public community and economy. How do we do it peacefully?

'Necronomy 2: The "Neoliberal" Approach to Life' (20-04-24)

Since Necroeconomics is a race to secure domination of economic markets and resources, at the cost of the environment and all species occupying it; WHAT DO THE GENERAL PUBLIC ALREADY HAVE that benefits neoliberal economies, but rapidly reverses the 'necronomy'? If profit is the motivator, can the elite be incentivised by offering more profitable outcomes for green sustainable industries than for current industries and how? 

How does the Parallel Non-Monetary CITIZEN'S Economy stack up, in contrast to the monetary economy?

'Necronomy 3: The Neoliberal Approach to Population' (27-04-24)

What can possibly be worse than the overt pogroms on Yemen and Palestine? They are part of the expanding Cold War that is increasing military spending and filling the atmosphere with more carbon. Yet we are groomed to believe our financial futures depend upon this frenetic effort to control strategic military and political allies, to secure dwindling fossil fuel and mineral resources. And like a financial Stockholm Syndrome, we are captive to the elite and powerless to resist, (and some have formed romantic notions towards the captors). Ruling parties have infringed upon all human rights to CRIMINAL levels and are set to destroy them. The conflicts we see are presented as isolated incidents, but there is a more insidious and urgent element to the necroeconomy being hidden from us. The significant shift in what generates the largest investments and returns - larger than financialization, armaments and oil - has brought a bull elephant into this China shop. Land and sea are the new black.

So, which land offers the greatest returns? Where is conflict already underway? And, is it a conflict between the rich - or a war against the poor? We are no longer staring over the ecological precipice. With the 1.5 degree target already obliterated without reducing carbon emissions, we are already in a LANDSLIDE to the extinction of all species, more rapidly than before. The financial elite are nothing short of myopic genocidal megalomaniacs. ONLY the general public - forming a global citizen's Parallel Non-Monetary Economy - can take back control, overwhelm the economy of the elite and offer them a peaceful solution to turn this nihilistic necroeconomic insanity around. Time for pondering and waiting has run out.

"MORE!!!!?" (International Times article in response to 2024 UK general election) (25-05-24)

What is THE most urgent necroeconomic development that accelerates our existential crisis? Is there any political choice? Is the plan to install another set of tax-wasters to beg the neoliberal elite to save the planet? WHAT DOES EVERY PERSON ALREADY POSSESS TO COUNTER THE GLOBAL GENOCIDE OF THE NEOLIBERAL ELITE?


ANNOUNCMENT & FREE TICKETS for the inaugural introduction to 'The Parallel Non-Monetary (Eco)nomic Revolution of the 100%.' This is the first practical workshop to gather a collective, to work on concretised pathways to IMPLEMENTATION of the PNME.



Edited presentations of above articles from International Times; (displaying older book cover; some quotes from the book are included and de-tuned in the audio files to distinguish from the narrative).



How do we rapidly address climate emergency without waiting for corporate and political will?

1/2 - Elephants in the room

How do we bypass the controlling powers of the global economy?

2/2 - Parallel Realities & the missed trick

Ignored / undervalued realities neoliberalism has necessitated. Creating non-deductive labour.

Audio only (as in video)

Avoiding Earthxit 1 - 00 intro
00:00 / 03:38
Avoiding Earthxit 1 - 01 Elephants in th
00:00 / 07:35
Avoiding Earthxit 1 - 02 parallel realit
00:00 / 11:25

AVOIDING EARTHXIT 2 : The PNME 5th Industrial Revolution; Radicalizing Incentives

1/3  Tricks of the Trade

Tricks used by capitalists are counter-productive, restricting markets to manage the 1%. Can these tricks be used for BOTH parties' mutual advantage?

2/3 - Fork In The Road

Abolishing the discrepancies between the 1% and 99% does not mean loss.Only the PNME will enable rapid growth green industry and unimaginable profit.

3/3 - Two-step Revolution

Revolutionizing relationships between employer / employee & corporations / government. Carrots for capitalists offered only by the PNME of the 99%.

Audio only (as in video)

Avoiding Earthxit 2 - 03 trick of thse t
00:00 / 09:10
Avoiding Earthxit 2 - 04 fork in the roa
00:00 / 13:10
Avoiding Earthxit 2 - 05 two step revolu
00:00 / 11:30

AVOIDING EARTHXIT 3 : Momentum For Change

3/5 - Organised For Change

What is the extent of global activity already countering the inequalities of capitalism? What scope does it provide for "joining up the dots" of collective change to implement a Parallel Non-Monetary Economy?

Audio only

Avoiding Earthxit 3 - 06 in whom do we
00:00 / 09:05
Avoiding Earthxit 3 - 08 NGOs, charities
00:00 / 11:10
Avoiding Earthxit 3 - 07 political, soci
00:00 / 11:10
Avoiding Earthxit 3 - 09 atlernative cur
00:00 / 06:55
Avoiding Earthxit 3 - 10 forming the PNM
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